Got a Financial Plan? Write it Down

Got a Financial Plan? Write it Down

Three tips for staying motivated and on track when it comes to financial literacy:

  • Find a mentor: Partner with a spouse, financial professional or a family member to help write a financial plan and overcome the emotional, psychological and financial roadblocks that can distract us from meeting our goals. Everyone needs a coach or a mentor to push them through difficult decisions.
  • Track your progress: You don’t have to meet all your goals tomorrow — make a list and start crossing them off. One by one you will get inspired as the list begins to dwindle and your short-term and long-term goals are met.
  • Stay focused: It’s not about how much you save; it’s about being confident and comfortable with your financial future. Focus on your short-term and long term-goals, be diligent and you will get to the finish line.


Additional resources

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  • Are you prepared? Take our survey and see.
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