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Viewpoints Submission Tool Instructions

Viewpoints Submission Tool Instructions

How to Use's Viewpoints Submission Tool

  • You can post your content in 8 simple steps using our content submission tool. This method will get your content posted (pending approval) in the fastest way

Step 1. Become a registered user of by clicking HERE. If you are already a registered user of the site you can skip this step.
Viewpoints Submission

If you would like to submit an Article, please ensure you are logged in and then click Contribute

If you are not a registered user on, click Register

Step 2. Once you are a registered user you can select contribute located on the left-hand side of any of the Viewpoints pages and by using the links the right of these instructions

Step 3. Place the author name and firm affiliation in the "Your Name" field. If the content does not have an individual author, please place the firm name in this field

Step 4. Supply the title of your content in the "Article Title" field, with the word "Viewpoints" in front of it

Step 5. Place the URL where the piece of content was originally posted at the top of the "Article Body"

Step 6. Provide an author headshot or firm logo (595x335 high resolution jpg. preferred) by clicking on the "image properties" icon. Please provide the image and click "OK" below.

Step 7. Copy/Paste your text into the paste from word feature to remove any excess formatting

Step 8. Submit your content for approval to the staff



For all questions and troubleshooting please contact:

Michael Ryan
E-Mail: [email protected]
Phone: 212-204-4286