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On the Cover: June 2017

Associate legal editor Anna Sulkin discusses this month's cover.

Our cover this month, Cyril Edward Power’s The Eight (151/8 in. by 10¼ in.), sold for $93,750 at Sotheby’s recent Prints & Multiples auction in New York City on April 27-28, 2017. The location of Power’s studio, in the Hammersmith district of London, was the source of inspiration for many of his works, including the subject of our cover (which happens to be one of his most sought-after prints). 

Power was best known for his linocut prints, created by using a printmaking technique that involves cutting a design into linoleum and then inking and impressing it onto paper. As a student of Claude Flight, the pioneer of linocuts, Power was among a group of artists who were the first to introduce color to the process. Although intended to be a method of creating affordable art for the masses (because it was relatively cheap to produce), Matisse and Picasso solidified the legitimacy of linocuts as a medium for fine art when they produced various prints using the technique.

Much like the rowers captured in unison in the featured picture, it takes a team of collaborating professionals to produce an effective and successful estate plan for a client. Estate planners who remain closed-minded to the benefits of a group effort may suffer a “sinking” practice. 


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