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YCharts Adds New Dynamic Modeling Feature

YCharts is introducing a new feature to help advisors and other users review actual decisions made to portfolios.

YCharts is adding a new feature, called Dynamic Model Portfolios, to its platform, according to a blog post. The feature strengthens a user’s ability to present and describe historical performance, helping illustrate the impact of investing-related decision-making. 

While many are familiar with the axiom of past performance being no indicator of future results, capturing investing decisions of the past has not always been the easiest to do. YCharts is attempting to change that by “incorporat[ing] the adjustments you’ve made in the past to create talking points that highlight how your investment strategy has evolved over time,” according to the post. 

The feature can be used to demonstrate benefits from tactical or sector rotations, and decisions made to reduce risk, for example. Advisors interested in creating proxies for holdings with limited performance history can also use the feature to see how similar securities performed prior to the availability of the presently held security. 

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