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WiserAdvisor Buys Paladin's Lead-Gen Assets

Paladin Digital Marketing sold its 15-year-old Paladin Registry as it concentrated on advisors' digital real estate.

Lead generation firm WiserAdvisor bought Paladin Digital Marketing’s lead generation service, Paladin Registry, according to an announcement by the firm. The sale was completed in February, but only recently announced. Terms were not disclosed, but Paladin Digital Marketing kept its personnel as part of the deal, according to Jack Waymire, chief marketing officer at the firm.

WiserAdvisor’s purchase of the Paladin Registry, a database of roughly 360 vetted financial advisors, will allow Paladin Digital Marketing to “focus its resources on the delivery of digital marketing services to financial advisors,” according to the firm. 

Both firms remain committed to inbound marketing, differing from the “cold calling” outbound-style marketing that’s familiar for many advisors, added Waymire. Advisors can pay WiserAdvisor to generate leads on their behalf, using its resources, while advisors using Paladin Digital Marketing are able to work with the firm to produce a website that aims to generate leads based on the advisor’s digital real estate, he said. 

WiserAdvisor did not immediately return a request for comment, noting that the firm “believe[s] this acquisition will solidify our position as one of the pre-eminent lead generation services in the country for financial advisors,” according to a statement by CEO Rishi Bharathan.

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