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Wealthies Circle

Wealthies Circle Podcast: Adapting to Change With Fidelity Investments’ Amanda Robinson and Bill Spera

Fidelity's Amanda Robinson and Bill Spera discuss the key differences in expectations of Gen X, Y and Z clients compared with baby boomers.


The needs and demands of younger generations of clients are changing dramatically, and advisors are going to have to change and evolve with them. And adapting to prospect and client expectations will change how financial advisors market their services as well.

In this episode, Davis Janowski, senior technology editor at, is joined by Fidelity investments' Amanda Robinson, director of model portfolios business development, and Bill Spera, director of market research. They discuss what Fidelity research has shown are some of the key differences between Gen X, Y and Z expectations as compared with baby boomers. The firm also discusses some significant recent shifts in outsourcing trends among advisors, from technology to asset management.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Some of the challenges advisors face in today’s market;
  • What different generations are looking for from their advisor;
  • How technology changes the way advisors market to and interact with clients; and
  • How advisors’ views on outsourcing have changed over the past few years.

Listen to the Wealthies Circle Podcast

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