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NEXT Podcast

The Wealth Management Firm of the Future: FP Alpha's Andrew Altfest on AI’s Role in Financial Advice

The founder and CEO of FP Alpha details how technology is shaping financial advice.


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Artificial intelligence has become a mainstream tool everywhere, from Siri and Alexa to trend monitoring software for Netflix. How can financial advisors leverage this technology to grow their business?

In this episode of NEXT, Mark Bruno, managing director at Informa Wealth Management, speaks with Andrew Altfest, president of Altfest Personal Wealth Management and founder and CEO of FP Alpha, about how technology is reshaping financial advice and the delivery of wealth management services to clients. 

Specifically, Mark and Andrew discuss:

  • How AI can be used to make complex estate planning and trust issues more efficient
  • Popular digital marketing strategies for prospecting to HNW and UHNW investors
  • How “mass personalization” will help advisors accelerate the growth of their businesses moving forward

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