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Timeline Decumulation Planning App Has New Integration With Redtail

The new integration means no more manual data entry for advisors with Redtail CRM that use or want to use Timeline.

Timelineapp Tech Limited and Redtail Technology announced Tuesday an integration enabling advisors to easily import client details, account holdings and other data directly from Redtail’s CRM application into Timeline’s app.

The Timeline application is meant for advisors working on retirement withdrawal plans to illustrate, create and manage a sustainable withdrawal strategy. With it the advisor can show clients the impact of asset allocation decisions, rebalancing, fees and taxes on the sustainability of their portfolio and it can also be used to create a withdrawal policy statement, as well as help illustrate the probability of outliving their portfolio.

Redtail has set up a webinar to educate its users on the new integration for Feb. 5.

Timeline, which is headquartered in the U.K., announced an integration with Black Diamond in October.

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