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You've Got Mail

Texting Beyond Just Text?

A potentially slippery slope in terms of client happiness, MyRepChat integrates with FMG Suite.

During the early days of email, people actually often looked forward to receiving messages. This is probably still best illustrated in popular culture by the romantic comedy You’ve Got Mail, released in 1998, as well as the AOL sound bite the movie is named for that announced the arrival of email on millions of home computers. Today, in addition to the mail we want, we and our various email software filters must wade through mountains of spam.

Today it would seem that texts are often the communication many adults look more forward to. As MyRepChat points out: “According to a Forbes study 95 percent of texts from a business are read within three minutes of being sent. Cloud communications platform company Twilio reports that 85 percent of consumers want to engage in text conversations for business purposes.”

The culture might again find itself on the precipice of a major technological change in attitude.

MyRepChat, provider of a compliant texting solution for advisors, announced Wednesday that it had completed an integration with FMG Suite, a well-known marketing software and services platform for financial advisors. With this new integration, a MyRepChat user who has a subscription to FMG Suite for accessing and distributing content from that firm's “extensive” content library, can now reach their clients and prospects with all manner of content through a text message.

That means advisors have hundreds of pieces of potentially textable—and fully compliant—content to choose from and send to their clients. This includes articles, videos, ebooks, presentations, calculators, quizzes and infographics.

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