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Seven Takeaways for Advisors From FinovateSpring 2019

There is a different vibe to FinovateSpring, held each May in San Francisco, than that of its New York counterpart held in the fall. A decidedly Silicon Valley ethos permeates the event despite the sometimes global origins of the participating startups, companies and speakers. attended 60 demos over two days from startups and companies and saw another half-dozen early-stage startups during the closing day’s Accelerators Showcase at the FinovateSpring Conference held this month in San Francisco.

We filtered through all of it for you and are sharing only those companies and presentations we found most relevant to your business and mindset (and that you probably have not heard of yet). In addition to being of particular relevance for the advice industry, one of the companies in this gallery was among the six Best of Show winners too.

There were several things wealth managers will want to consider engaging with or keep on their radar for future developments, from an easy-to-use shareowner activism platform that doubles as a digital advisor-prospecting tool to advances in artificial intelligence, and an application empowering investors with direct control over their own data.

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