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Riskalyze Announces Home Office Intel Tool And Overhauls Software

Riskalyze went forward with its live, hybrid conference, debuting a new home office tool and improved software functionality.

Riskalyze wrapped up its 2021 Fearless Investing Summit on Friday in Palm Springs, Calif., a three-day event for approximately 800 in-person attendees and almost 2,000 viewing the event remotely. Among the bevy of speakers and training sessions, Riskalyze CEO Aaron Klein announced enhancements to speed up data processing within the firm’s software, as well as a business intelligence tool called Command Center.

Designed for home offices, Command Center includes a feature called an “Alignment Dashboard,” that blurs the lines between a compliance oversight tool and a means for managing Riskalyze users. “Command Center is home base,” said Klein. “It’s home-base for enterprise firms who are leveraging Riskalyze technology with their advisors.” 

Centered around Regulation Best Interest standards, the tool helps firms sort through their accounts and pinpoint clients with mismatched risk objectives, he added. It also helps large firms manage user access. “Our enterprise firms can more quickly provision, manage and suspend Riskalyze within their firm,” he explained. 


A screenshot of the P6 vs. P7 versions of the Riskalyze Command Center, showing the faster speed of P7.

Klein also brought two of his engineers on stage to demo a software overhaul that will speed up data processing within Riskalyze. Called P7, the latest version of Riskalyze proved to be significantly faster in the live demonstration.

Command Center will be generally available in 2022 and P7 is being gradually deployed across all Riskalyze users.

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