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Tyrone Ross Jr.

Reality Shares Launches Crypto Investment App

The ETF sponsor has tapped advisor Tyrone Ross as CEO of Onramp, its new alternative investment platform.

Thematic exchange traded fund sponsor Reality Shares is building out an alternative investment platform and cryptocurrency investment app, Onramp, and the company has tapped advisor Tyrone Ross to lead the new startup.

Reality Shares announced last month the appointment of Ross to its board of directors. Ross has been outspoken voice on bitcoin and cryptocurrency issues facing financial advisors, and he was tapped to improve the industry’s access to blockchain and digital asset investments.

Ross will step down from his role as director of community at Altruist, but he will continue to host the company’s Human Advisor Podcast. He also continues to be a licensed financial advisor, working with a small group of clients, he said.

“The exchange-traded fund wrapper is a beautiful technology providing access for investors into a variety of unique investments, but it is over 30 years old now and it is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ vehicle,” said Eric Ervin, CEO of Reality Shares, in a statement. “Cryptocurrencies are a great example of this. How long can investment firms sit back and wait for a cryptocurrency ETF? Cutting edge investment opportunities deserve cutting edge solutions with bold leaders.”

Onramp will aim to bridge the gap between traditional investment platforms and modern alternatives. The platform will provide the infrastructure needed to improve advisor and investor access to digital asset investments, such as bitcoin and Ethereum.

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