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Q&A: Tricia Blair: Lincoln Financial Group’s Digital Ninja

Q&A: Tricia Blair: Lincoln Financial Group’s Digital Ninja

Have a laser focus or fear falling behind

Lincoln Financial Group’s Chief Digital Officer Tricia Blair explains why companies need to be focused on digital and what cutting edge tools she is eyeing for her firm on the digital forefront.

“Digital is moving so rapidly that you need to have a laser focus or organizations will get too far behind. The CIO (chief information officer) has to run the gambit from legacy mainframes, to web applications, to web activities. But the CDO is focused strictly on how we use digital technology to transform a customer’s and an employee’s experience.

We are paying more attention to sensor technology, and how it can streamline our business. We’re looking at the processes we use in the customer lifecycle that may be enhanced or replaced by these technologies. In the life space, when you are in the process of paying for a life insurance policy and need to have blood work done, there are a number of things that require interaction. There is some thought that in the future, smart device technology could make virtual capabilities more optimal than sending people to a facility to do a check. We look at everything with a customer-centric lens—what do we expect our customers’ behavior to be, what do they want to be able to do with Lincoln, and what digital interactions are best suited for them.”

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