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Orion Adds Marketing, Investment Capabilities to TAMP

Orion Advisor Tech users will already be familiar with some of the new features available to TAMP users.

Orion Portfolio Solutions, Orion’s TAMP, is giving its users new access to platforms previously available through Orion Advisor Tech, according to the firm. Those enhancements to the TAMP include access to the firm’s automated marketing platform, Market*r, the inclusion of Charles Schwab as a custodian and adding new investment strategies from Fidelity. 

Certain advisors using Orion Advisor Tech may be familiar with Market*r, but now advisors using the TAMP will also have access. The firm wants to “support asset management with tech and upgrades, creating an experience that’s more relevant to investors, versus a siloed TAMP offering disconnected from the rest of the advisor’s work,” said a company spokesperson. 

Within the TAMP, Orion is adding new UMA portfolios, chiefly from “well-known third party investment strategies, customized and blended by Orion’s investment team,” according to the announcement. 

There are three families of what Orion is calling “Market Cycle Mandates,” or mandated diversification processes. Three beta strategies are based on processes from Buckingham Strategic Partners, with four active strategies and six diversifier strategies offered by various financial services firms.

“The new technology and expanded partnerships we’ve invested in our TAMP offering break asset management out of its silo and connect it to a more complete and engaging process,” said Rusty Vanneman, chief investment officer of Orion Advisor Solutions. “Investors demand to see their priorities, market attitudes and long-term goals reflected in their relationships with their advisors.” 

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