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coronavirus-drive-thru-test.jpg John Moore/Getty Images News/Getty Images Founder Builds COVID-19 Symptom Check Website

The new site and another from the CDC help those fearful of the virus with assessing symptoms and next steps.

Serial entrepreneur Aaron Patzer, founder of, has built and launched, a free web-based tool anyone can use to input symptoms and help determine whether they are at risk for having COVID-19 based on a series of questions.

“Just launched today in partnership with Emory [University] & infectious disease experts from all over. Been testing the last couple of days in Atlanta and Walter Reed (VA),” Patzer wrote in a LinkedIn post.

“[The app] Will let you know your risk, low, medium, high, and what to do next. Send it to anyone with any symptoms right now, and those you are concerned about. Guides you to the right resources (stay at home, to ER, etc.) based on your severity,” he wrote.

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Patzer has started or worked on many projects since selling Mint to Intuit for $170 million in 2009, several of them in the area of health care. His latest endeavor, Vital Software, launched in 2017. The company has built a software platform for hospital emergency room departments and patients meant to identify high-risk patients and reduce wait times, among other things.

“Big thanks to the Vital team for building this. This is what President Trump said Google was building 5 days ago. Google didn't, but we did!” Patzer wrote, referring to the new app.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control has just launched a similar tool, available on its website (look for the “Self-Checker” tab on the lower-right-hand side of its COVID-19 “What To Do If You Are Sick” page) to access the tool.

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