Laser App Software Launches Laser App Anywhere


Laser App Software Launches Laser App Anywhere


Mobile forms-filling solution for financial advisors


Ontario, CA –August 23, 2012 – Laser App Software, the leading provider of forms automation and management software for the securities and insurance industries, today announced the launch of its web-based platform Laser App Anywhere, which allows advisors to conduct and process business from virtually any location on any internet device. 


Laser App Anywhere is a mobile forms-filling solution for financial advisors. With Laser App Anywhere, forms completed by the advisor can be saved, printed, or electronically signed and securely transmitted to the broker-dealer back office.  Laser App Anywhere also integrates seamlessly with a variety of third-party service providers that include:  customer relationship management (CRM), document imaging and electronic signing.  These seamless integrations give the advisor the ability to leverage existing data to accelerate and simplify the electronic paperwork process.


Broker-dealers can customize the Laser App Anywhere platform through a series of prebuilt user options which allow them to add their logo, change the theme and color, define form groups, control licensing, limit forms access by user, allow electronic signing and enable straight through processing.  All of these features are controlled from an administrative user dashboard by the business-side of the broker-dealer. 


Over 100,000 customers trust Laser App to provide current, accurately programmed forms to support their businesses.  Laser App now offers this industry leading functionality on a secure, centrally-hosted platform.  In addition to immediate software and form updates, broker-dealers benefit from the intrinsic security measures Laser App has taken to support all of its customers.  


Robert Powell, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Laser App, commented,

“We built the Laser App Anywhere solution to meet the mobility needs of the advisor and the efficiency requirements of the broker-dealer home office.  We wrapped a solution that addresses both criteria into a secure platform that Laser App manages for the client, so it can be easily customized and quickly deployed.”


Laser App maintains a library of forms for the securities and insurance industries and continuously adds availability to new and updated forms.  The Laser App library currently houses 29,005 forms including 8,925 in-house forms from over 340 top broker-dealers and continues to develop relationships with new carriers to make their forms available on a user‐friendly platform that auto‐populates them directly from a CRM system or customer database to streamline heavy paperwork process while reducing Not in Good Order (NIGO) rates.


About Laser App Software

Laser App Software creates advisor friendly solutions that combine state‐of‐the‐art forms-filling technology with our massive library of industry related forms. Forms are maintained by Laser App so advisors can focus on their clients, rather than filling out paperwork. Founded in 1995 by financial advisor Ed Beggs, Laser App pioneered forms-filling in the financial services industry.  For more information on Laser App, visit


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