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Evolution of Retirement

Hype or Not? Episode 6: Decumulation Technology

Senior Tech Editor Davis Janowski and industry consultant Tim Welsh debate the merits of technology platforms aimed at helping clients in the decumulation phase.



A recent Fidelity study found that the oldest Generation Xers are now just five years from retirement, and most baby boomers are making the transition into living in retirement. Yet, there are few technology tools dedicated to helping clients manage the decumulation phase of their lives, when individuals start withdrawing from accumulated assets.

In this latest episode of’s Hype or Not? video series, Nexus Strategy President and CEO Tim Welsh and Senior Tech Editor Davis Janowski battle it out over the merits of decumulation technology. Janowski, ever the pessimist, actually believes the tech is not hyped enough and that advisors are too dismissive of longevity and long-term care planning, despite the number of people going into retirement. He expects the handful of these platforms to be wildly successful.

And while Welsh admits that there’s a retirement savings crisis in America, that doesn’t apply to an advisor’s typical client, which never spend down their retirement savings. Rather, he says the tech should attack the problem from the retirement plan side and focus on savings and accumulation.

Who do you agree with? Watch to hear their full arguments.

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