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View of the advisor dashboard interface within Hearsay Social39s new Predictive Social Suite
<p>View of the advisor dashboard interface within Hearsay Social&#39;s new Predictive Social Suite. </p>

Hearsay Launches New Predictive Website Product

Hearsay Social rolled out a new set of tools on Thursday, giving advisors the ability to build advanced websites using intelligent web analytics that notify them when clients experience major life events. 

The new website tool, called Hearsay Sites, builds upon the company’s flagship Hearsay Social Solution to help advisors choose from pre-approved templates to construct a new, professional website. The sites are search engine optimized, mobile responsive and linked to local directories and listings, while still maintaining compliance with each firm’s policies and regulations.

“It’s our view that in this world of technology, some companies look to and will disrupt and cause disintermediation in some industries, but we want to use technology to enable and empower that advisor relationship,” says Gary Liu, vice president of marketing at Hearsay Social.

Websites built through Hearsay Sites, part of Hearsay's new predictive social suite, provide notifications to advisors of site visitors and which product or services these investors are likely interested in based on how a client engages with content on the site, as well as interactions on social media.

For example, an advisor with one of the new sites could opt to receive an alert on Hearsay’s centralized dashboard when a client posts on Facebook or Twitter about an engagement or pregnancy. These cross-channel insights then enable advisors to reach out in a timely manner with highly targeted messages that hopefully start a dialogue and stengthen the client relationship.

“Advisors don’t want to spend time mining social feeds, they want it served on a silver platter so they can spend more time with their clients and growing their businesses,” Liu says. 

The website builder still allows advisors to take advantage of pre-approved posts from the Hearsay Social Content Library or compose their own original content and publish to their individual websites and social networks. 

On the backend, Hearsay—which has over 100,000 advisors currently using its flagship product—gives firms a single “control center” for administrators and compliance professionals to view and manage advisor activity across social, mobile and web channels. Hearsay also works with each firm to provide advisors with mobile-optimized templates, logos and approved design elements that adhere to company standards. 

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