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Fiserv Introduces New Intelligent Content Tool for Advisors

​Fiserv has added a new intelligent content tool, called Grapevine6, to its Wealth Management Network.

Grapevine6 culls the Internet for content relevant to an advisor’s client base, analyzing social media profiles of advisors and clients. The platform then finds good content matches—articles, videos, etc.—for any particular client-advisor relationship and gives advisors the option of sharing this content via social media. Once shared, Grapevine6 alerts advisors when a client reads a particular article and can track topics that clients find interesting.

"Engaging with clients in a meaningful way is a high-effort endeavor for most advisors," said Cheryl Nash, president of Investment Services at Fiserv.

Fiserv also hopes the tool will save advisors time.

"The personal touch is what sets advisors apart and helps them to build long-term relationships,” said Mike Orr, Grapevine6 co-founder and COO. “Grapevine6 streams personally relevant content that can be published to social in one touch, creating a tremendous opportunity for wealth managers to elevate their brand in only minutes a week.”

"By offering Grapevine6 to our clients,” added Nash, “we're allowing advisors to stay in step with their clients' lives by enabling them to engage more easily, more often."

Grapevine6 also helps advisors find new clients based on geography. It also allows for more granulated targeting, says Rohan Modi, director of product management, Investment Services, Fiserv. The intelligent content tool helps advisors find prospective clients by scouring social media for users that, for example, are working within an industry, have recently experienced a significant life event, such as retirement or the birth of a child, or have some characteristic that’s relevant to a firm. 

Available through Fiserv’s Wealth Management Network, Grapevine6 will join a managed account network with over 70 sponsors, accessed by 300 asset managers.

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