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Fidelity Introduces Integration Dashboard

Advisors using Integration Xchange will now be able to monitor their integrations, including running checks on digital certificates.

Fidelity Institutional is upgrading its open architecture digital store, Integration Xchange, according to an announcement by the firm. In addition to showcasing new or improved integrations with several firms, including Orion Advisor Services, 55ip, Advyzon, AdvisorEngine, Agreement Express and Laser App, Fidelity is launching a dashboard that will give advisors insight into the connectivity and digital certificates used by their third-party technology providers.

The digital certificates, in particular, should help advisors maintain the flow of data between Fidelity and third parties, said Lisa Burns, head of platform technology at the firm. Digital certificate expirations can cause interruptions in connectivity, and properly managing expirations can help avoid outages and downtimes. Fidelity’s next addition to the dashboard will be alerts for when to upgrade integrations based on the compatibility of different versions of the advisor’s tech stack.

Fidelity now has integrations with more than 200 third parties, according to the announcement. New to the platform are integrations with Agreement Express, a platform for prefilling forms and executing e-signatures; Laser App, which facilitates account opening; and Advyzon, which also facilitates account opening and position monitoring. Integrations with Orion, 55ip and AdvisorEngine have also been strengthened.

Integration Xchange was launched three years ago as a “go-to destination for firms,” said Burns. Since then, it has evolved as integrations take on greater importance for advisors. Self-service tools were added to the platform last year, as the pandemic accelerated advisors’ need for tech solutions, and the firm plans to add workflow and “alerting” APIs for advisors later this year.

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