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Eight Tech Tools to Help Clients Age in Place

To help their oldest clients, advisors can rely on the newest technology.

Traditional planning won’t keep your elderly clients out of facilities and safe at home. They need a different type of planning or, more accurately, a new type of technology-enabled assistance. 

Technology and artificial intelligence are words that excite us and scare us in equal measure. Many practitioners, not entirely without reason, fear that more powerful technology and AI will increasingly depersonalize our work’s efficiency on behalf of clients, or even someday replace some or all of what we do. But the bottom line is that they offer hope to countless members of our client communities.

We needn’t be technology experts, but we should offer information about different tools for aging safely at home. Doing so can save clients immensely in caregiver expenses. Not to mention, it can help us to cultivate and maintain stronger, more lasting relationships with multiple generations of clients. 

Here are eight interesting tech products that can help allow clients to age in place.

This gallery is adapted from the author’s original article in the July 2018 issue of Trusts & Estates.

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