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Digital Gifts for Clients

Digital Gifts for Clients

When it comes to wishing clients a happy holiday, many advisors may opt for a simple handwritten note. Why not send a message your clients will use—and think of you as they do? Consider an app tailored to a client’s interests, a song download for the holidays, or even a link to a creative, cutting edge site you use regularly and love. These digital gifts can be inexpensive. At the least, the effort is likely to put you front and center on your client’s radar.

App-y Holidays

Besides coming in a range of prices, some even free, an application can get clients on board with a new program you hope they'll adopt. For those still helping clients get a tighter rein on their finances, think about Level Money, a free app that connects to more than 2,000 banks, credit unions and credit card accounts for both iOS and Android users. The app captures spending and lets users know when they're tipping over a daily budget.

Another helpful app is Road Trip, a $4.99 app that tracks maintenance costs, separates business trips from those with family, and records kilowatt usage for electric cars. For clients who are on the road and incurring high expenses, the app can be a good way for them to clearly see their transportation costs.

Or, if you want to point clients to apps that aren’t financial-related, consider Brightkey, an iOS app, which lets you download customized keyboards, and pre-prepped messages that make tapping out a text a bit more colorful.

Humin is an app that sorts contacts the way you remember—not by name but where you met them, the fact they own a Labradoodle, or whatever context you include.

Launched in September, Figibox lets you draft a message and send the recipient on a scavenger hunt to locate the note. Send a client a note about a favorite dish to order, as they sit down for their 50th anniversary dinner in Paris. Or lead them to a perfect spot to see a sunset in your hometown.

Songs For The Season

Few are going to appreciate a download for “Jingle Bell Rock,” but an iTunes gift card is unlikely to be returned. Amazon and iTunes also allow you to gift a single song to a user, starting at 69 cents on Amazon’s Digital Music Site.

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