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App Review: Unleash. Us

App Review: Unleash. Us

It's like your own personal CFO on your iPad

Reps are used to taking the pulse of their clients' investments. But what about the health of their own asset — their business? Unleash may be able to help out. In partnership with accounting software Quickbooks, the iPad app takes your financial pulse and generates a proprietary number it calls a "U-Score," essentially a grade of your business' fiscal health that can be compared to the competition. While still in beta mode, the app monitors small business data like accounts payable and helps with budgeting. It's not going to run a wirehouse CFO out of a job, but for small business owners, like many independent advisors, it can help easily monitor key financial metrics. That alone can reduce the stress of never quite knowing whether a small business is on track, or soon to derail.

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