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JuiceDefender is only available for Android phones
<p>JuiceDefender is only available for Android phones.</p>

App Review: Juice Up, Juice Down

Take control over your smartphone battery's life with JuiceDefender

Typically, recharging our smartphones is simple enough. Except when we can’t. Or we forget. Or when location-enabled apps, WiFi or Bluetooth have drained our power to nil. You can toggle between these settings yourselves—if you weren’t busy, say, working. Try JuiceDefender instead. The app is best for when your phone is idle for long periods of time, by disabling your mobile data so your battery isn’t eaten alive. Built just for Android (which, let’s face it, is apparently more popular than iOS), the app comes in three sizes: free, a $1.99 version, which lets you disconnect WiFi, or the $4.99 Ultimate app which even controls screen brightness, screen time and Bluetooth connections. Maybe you’re one of those people who always has a charger in the office, your house and in the car. Until your dog chews the cord in half, or your kid borrows one and loses it in the black hole of their room. Think of JuiceDefender as your backup. Like you don’t need one.

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