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App Review: An Email Nudge With Manners

App Review: An Email Nudge With Manners

Ever forget to follow up with a prospect? Send an email and then misplace their response in your maw of an inbox? PolitePersistence may have an answer. The app allows users to send emails and schedule follow-ups right from its main page. Integrated with Gmail, PolitePersistence can set time zones, and send emails at the date and time you request. Once an email is returned, the program automatically turns off follow up emails, avoiding a possible spam attack, and a branding disaster, on a future client. And with its co-founder a former financial advisor, you can be sure the app ranks high on the compliance radar. Still in beta, you can request an invite code online or through Twitter by tweeting @PolitePersist. But remember, with these guys, politeness counts.

TAGS: Technology
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