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App: Got A Mention? You Need To Know

App: Got A Mention? You Need To Know

With the SEC’s new ruling opening the gates for advisors to link to reviews, knowing what those comments say—and when they go live—is going to be key going forward. (Especially with Google Alerts starting to fall down on the job in the past year.) Start with Mention—a slightly pricey app that mines millions of sites including Facebook and Twitter in real time letting you access them from Android and Apple devices, Linux, Windows and Chrome. The app sends alerts when it picks up a mention of your name—or any phrase you put in-—while also sending suggestions on how to mine the data you're collecting, turning that information into reports everyone can share. For one user, with one keyword, and fewer than 100 mentions a month, the service is free. For a small firm, with a couple of keyword tracks, prices start at $9.99 a month. Did we mention there's a free trial going on right now?

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