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Advisor View

Advisor View

Kelley Rating (one asterisk = lowest, five asterisks = highest): Ease of navigation, design of interface and learning curve **** Instructional documentation and help system **** Carries out the goal of the product as advertised ***** Overall usefulness ****

Advisor View is a web-based service offering client portfolio reporting.  It features portfolio performance, analytics and allocation reports and includes a billing application.  Reports are available on-demand, in PDF and through a branded client portal.  It displays a full view of assets under management for a designated client. 

Advisor View is furnished as part of the Advisor Xi Suite that includes portfolio rebalancing, performance reporting, a client portal, tax loss harvesting, portfolio accounting and billing and client relationship management.   

What’s It All About

Advisor View is provided as an online portfolio reporting service built on the Microsoft.NET platform.

It’s available as an iPad App or through the Advisor View website.  Reports may be designed and customized as you choose.  Individualized performance reports may be customized through the report designer’s library of report templates and designs.  You may even add your own custom cover and header/footer graphics to reflect your firm’s brand.  A document assembly feature is included through which you may create communications specific to each client.  Documents and PDF reports may be delivered through the integrated document vault.  Your client may also have a platform for sending documents to you.  Through the reports you may drill down to account details.

The iPad app reflects the Advisor View web application, and has an optimized user interface for an iPad.  An advisor or an end-investor using the client portal in Advisor View can also use the iPad app to do most of the same things possible with the full online application.  You can access the same data and functionality within the online application or the iPad app.

How Does It Work?

The Advisor View web application screen presents you with a menu of Home, Accounts (select among all client accounts), Reports, Composites, PDF Templates, Clients, Documents (prepared or stored for a client), Billing and Setup.

Settings may be changed and reports tailored as you use the website application.

From the Home page you may select a client and choose a report for that client from a wide selection of holdings, capital flows, account performance, transactions, income and expenses, gains/losses, projections and others.  Selecting a listed client moves you to the client screen, from which you may create or select a alternative client arrangements.  You may move directly from this screen to client portfolio details.

The reports may be textual or graphic and may be customized in a variety of ways. Reports and related graphs are customizable and may be created on the fly.  The end client portal may be designed for the individual client.  Report templates may be created with name, description, various themes, numbers and other formats.

The Advisor View app for mobile devices offers a navigation panel on the left side at the touch of a 3bar graphic.  It first provides a dashboard displaying a given client’s asset allocation and performance which is customizable.  The Dashboard provides a dropdown list of clients, which is also available from the navigation panel at Accounts.  For each client, a digital and graphic depiction of that client’s portfolio performance as of the current month is available from “Performance,” including a benchmark comparison and an S&P 500 comparison.  A similar view, which is customizable, of long-term performance is provided from “Long Term Performance” on the drop-down list.

Reports provided, both graphic and digital, include current Asset Allocation and year-by-year Capital Flows.  Documented reports provided to the client are available in PDF at “Documents.”

Holdings reports include “All Holdings,” “Equity Holdings” and “Fixed Income Holdings.” Reports depicting Fixed Income Detail and Sector Detail are also provided.

The iPad app can be customized for the individual advisor and can be logged in as either advisor or client.  It pulls pages from the advisor’s website and is continually updated.  The Advisor View website setup allows tailoring of iPad themes and client views. 

What About Help and Support?

The publisher provides the Tamarac Support and Training Center where you can get support by phone or email, find answers to commonly asked questions, watch training videos or search an online knowledge base.  Extensive training is available.  In the web-based facility, a detailed Help Center is available, that discusses all components of the Advisor Xi facility.  From each screen, on the iPad app, an email inquiry is available at the touch of a graphic symbol.  Customer support is available from [email protected].

Where Do You Get This Facility?

Advisor View is available from:

Envestnet Tamarac

701 Fifth Avenue
14th Floor
Seattle, WA 98104

Tel: 866.525.8811
Fax: 206.529.0238

Sales:  [email protected]

An annual contract for Advisor View starts at $17k/year when bundled with the publisher’s Advisor Xi suite and a multi-year commitment.  The iPad application is an extension of the Advisor View application.  A custom branded version of the Advisor View iPad application, starts at $2500/year additional. There are two versions of the iPad application.  One includes custom branding to match the firm, so they have their firm’s own branded application in the Apple store, which comes with an additional cost for the customization, Apple registration and online support that’s required.  There’s also a version that’s simply branded as “Envestnet | Tamarac” that has no additional cost to the firm.

Bottom Line

Advisor View provides a comprehensive portfolio management system.  Its emphasis is on client reports with detailed information and analytics.  That the reports are available both as a web-based facility and an iPad app is a significant strength of this facility.


Trusts & Estates magazine is pleased to present the monthly Technology Review by Donald H. Kelley—a respected connoisseur of the software and Internet resources wealth management advisors use to further their practices.

Kelley is a lawyer living in Highlands Ranch, Colo., and is of counsel to the law firm of Kelley, Scritsmier & Byrne, P.C. of North Platte, Neb. He is the co-author of the Intuitive Estate Planner Software, (Thomson – West 2004 to 2014) and author of The Electronic Practice ebook ( 2013).  He has served on the governing boards of the American Bar Association Real Property Probate and Trust Section and the American College of Tax Counsel. He is a past regent and past chair of the Committee on Technology in the Practice of the American College of Trust and Estate Counsel.

Trusts & Estates has asked Kelley to provide his unvarnished opinions on the tech resources available in the practice today. His columns are edited for readability only. Send feedback and suggestions for articles directly to him at [email protected].

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