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Advisor’s Guide To Choosing The Best Portfolio Rebalancing Software

Craig Iskowitz shares his thoughts on the best rebalancing software.

For many advisory firms, portfolio rebalancing technology is one of the single most important pieces of technology that they have. While other software is certainly important – from a CRM for managing client relationships, to eSignature for streamlining account opening and administrative processes, to financial planning software for helping guide your clients long-term financial plan – arguably no other piece of software is impacting your clients’ portfolio on a regular basis more than rebalancing software. Yet, amongst a sea of different options and software features, it can be hard to know which solution is best for you and your clients.

In this guest post, Craig Iskowitz, CEO and founder of Ezra Group (a management consulting firm providing advice to the financial services industry on marketing and technology strategy), shares some of his own thoughts on the best portfolio rebalancing software available, including portfolio management features, pricing, integrations, user experience, and more! Reviews include all the major rebalancing software providers, from iRebal and Tamarac, to TradeWarrior, tRx, and RedBlack!

And arguably, in today’s environment, the need for rebalancing software is even more urgent to stay competitive, with the rise of “robo-advisors” that can already automate rebalancing, along with tax loss harvesting. The good news, though, is that as the original “robo” solution for portfolio automation, all the major rebalancing software platforms can handle this… and more! But only for advisors who are willing to move away from portfolio rebalancing Excel spreadsheets!

And so, whether you currently have a rebalancing solution and want to ensure it is up to date, know that it has been a while since you’ve evaluated rebalancing options and want to get started with the process, or haven’t been convinced of the value of rebalancing software and are still using spreadsheets or calculating rebalance trades by hand… I hope that you find this guest post from Craig to be helpful!

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