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Advisor Innovations

Advisor Innovations Podcast: Julie Littlechild on Client Feedback and the Engagement Engine

Absolute Engagement's Julie Littlechild discusses taking client engagement feedback to the next level.

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Advisors have long been aware that the better they know the client, the better client experience they can provide. Advisory boards and feedback surveys have been around forever to give the advisor some guidance over how to better engage with clients and prospects.  

In this episode, David Armstrong speaks with Julie Littlechild, founder and CEO of Absolute Engagement, on taking client engagement feedback to the next level. Littlechild recently launched the Engagement Engine, a digital platform that brings client feedback into real-time, ongoing metrics for the advisor. The idea is that through a series of questions and prompts, tucked unobtrusively alongside the standard client touch points and communications, advisors can instantly gauge a client’s confidence and fears, preferences and aversions, and plot some of that data over time to track and measure impact. It’s a game-changer in client engagement. 

Julie discusses:

  • Why client feedback is essential to creating preferred services.
  • How technology has changed the way feedback is collected and used.
  • The balance between personalized planning and managing an entire business worth of clients.
  • The development of the Engagement Engine, and the possibilities for using real-time client feedback across the advisor’s techstack, including the CRM. 
  • Thoughts on evolving from a consultant to a “tech entrepreneur”, putting together a killer board of advisors and what comes next for her company. 

Connect With Julie Littlechild:

Connect With David Armstrong:

About Our Guest:

Julie is a recognized expert on the drivers and evolution of client experience, client engagement. and referral growth. She is responsible for: designing the firm’s strategic vision and product roadmap, conducting on-going investor and advisor research, driving firm growth and representing the company on conference stages around the world.

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