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Advisor Innovations

Advisor Innovations: Holistiplan's Kevin Lozer on Tax-Based Financial Planning

Holistiplan co-founder Kevin Lozer describes how the firm solves the big problem advisors have when it comes to taxes and financial planning.


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HolistiPlan’s planning software is an advisor-oriented tool that integrates a client’s tax return into their financial plan as a way to find more opportunities for “tax alpha.” The technology makes the tax analysis and planning process a scalable, structured procedure between advisors and their clients.

In this episode, David Armstrong, editor-in-chief of, speaks to HolistiPlan co-founder Kevin Lozer about how he and his partner Roger Pine saw the need for the tool while running their own financial advisory firms; how they leveraged a small group of fellow advisors as beta testers and won an early XYPN fintech competition; and how they’ve expanded the software, and the team behind it, including bringing on board tax-planning guru Jeff Levine of Buckingham Wealth Partners as a tax-planning strategist.

Image via @FiCommPartners/Twitterholistiplan-xypn-fintech.jpeg

Holistiplan won XYPN's fintech competition in 2019.

You will learn:

  • How the idea for HolistiPlan came about
  • The big problem advisors have when it came to taxes and financial planning 
  • How winning the XYPN fintech competition put them on the map
  • How HolistiPlan keeps up with ever-evolving tax codes
  • The difference in software designed by advisors for advisors 
  • The future of the tax planning and software industry 

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