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Addepar Will Integrate With Three Financial Planning Applications

The move helps most those advisors on the platform already using two of the industry's most popular planning applications, and a third that is a key vendor popular with family offices.

Wealth management platform provider Addepar announced new integrations with three financial planning software packages Tuesday. The new partners include two tech vendors popular with financial advisors: eMoney Advisor and Envestnet MoneyGuide. The third, Libretto, is better known in the family office space.

Addepar, which has $1.3 trillion in assets on its platform, is used by thousands of financial advisors and more than 350 firms, including 11 of the top 30 banks, according to the company. This move deepens Addepar's place with two financial planning tech vendors widely used by RIAs. 

“It has been important for us to cultivate partners in CRM and financial planning,” said Will Armenta, senior director of product for Addepar. He has been with Addepar for almost seven years and noted that the data he has analyzed over the years is pretty clear: “The firms that most embrace planning and their CRM platforms are the most successful,” he said.

When asked why these three particular vendors, Armenta said they only needed to look at which tools their clients are already using.

“I’m not trying to actively add logos to the roster," he said. "We want to be able to add value to those vendors that we are currently hearing from clients about, and 95% of our customer base is covered between these three new partners.” 

Will Armenta

Will Armenta

The new integrations will let advisors that use any of the three financial planning applications get the most out of Addepar's data aggregation, analytics and reporting. That includes Addepar's data network, which stands out among competitors and serves as a single point of access to hundreds of aggregated, normalized and reconciled custodian feeds, especially holdings that include alternative investments and real estate. These can be directly fed into eMoney, MoneyGuide and Libretto with the new integrations.

Specifically, eMoney users will be able to access Addepar reports directly within the eMoney File Vault.

In addition, advisors will be able to easily access client financial plans or portfolio performance data from within either the eMoney or the Addepar platform.

Similarly, advisors that use both MoneyGuide and Addepar will be able to see consistent data in both the financial plans generated in MGP and through their Addepar workflows. Advisors can also now link client accounts, which allows them to search, access and link Addepar households in real-time via MoneyGuide.

“Advisors will be able to search for up-to-the minute data right in MGP,” Armenta said.

Those advisors using Libretto can access household data from Addepar with the single click of an icon, enabling them to perform priorities-based planning, liability-driven asset allocation, factor-level portfolio construction, asset location, product fulfillment, trade directives, wealth management directives and comprehensive reporting.


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