4 Tips For Building Your Social Media Audience

4 Tips For Building Your Social Media Audience

If you think rock stars and movie stars are the only ones who can build a large social media following, think again. This may seem over-simplified, but succeeding in the virtual world of social media only takes a good understanding of human nature; something most financial advisors are gifted with. You too can increase your social media presence with the following tips:

Make your personality stand out. Big stars are popular because of the characters they play or the band they belong to, but financial advisors can also make themselves stand out.  Become the spokesperson on a controversial issue; overcome a problem that many people can relate to; or, showcase your skills in a unique way.People are drawn to those who stand out from the crowd. 

Engage your followers. People respond to connection. Reply to comments and take time to comment on other people’s content as well. There’s no better way to build an audience than to make others feel validated and appreciated.

Offer something useful. Social media greats always offer something people want or need. Can you offer free tax-saving investment strategies, estate planning advice, or tips about alternative investments? Can you give away free tools, presentations, or seats at an educational event? What about inviting your audience to a free cooking class or wine tasting? Look around and be creative, surely you can find something to give away.

Update consistently.  In today’s high-tech world, people become bored easily. Keep your audience stimulated by posting regular updates. Because most financial advisors are busy, we recommend using a mix of curated and original content. Plus, if you block out just 15 minutes each day, you can easily find things to share with your audience.

When developing an online presence in social media, it’s imperative to remember that humans are creatures who have innate social needs. Your friends, fans, and followers are real people, in a real world, with real problems. They want to connect with the human aspect of you even though they may have never actually met you. If you can understand and apply these basic principles, you are well on your way to building your social media network.