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The 2022 WealthStack Survey

The 2022 WealthStack Survey

How wealth managers are using technology.

Wealth managers are entering 2023 with a sharp focus on how they can leverage technology to better serve their existing customers, find new prospects and build and strengthen relationships – while also making their firms as efficient and effective as possible.

They’re concerned with meeting client needs at a time when investors are hungry for information, worried about the health of their portfolios, and looking for guidance and reassurance.

With markets down, firms are no longer benefitting from the organic growth that occurs at times when markets are lifting asset values across the board. So wealth managers are much more focused on improving client experiences, cross-selling and referrals.

Firms of all sizes recognize that they need new tools to provide effective, efficient services in the years ahead. While how firms approach technology and tech investment is a key determinant of their success in addressing their business goals, the level of investment on its own does not guarantee successful technology solutions. To create value, wealth managers must maximize their technology spend.

The latest WealthStack Study reveals how advisors, c-suite executives and others across the industry are entering 2023 focused-on-client needs and the technology that will help serve them.

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