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How to Get Published in Trusts & Estates and on

Watch live Tuesday, March 06, 2018 at 02:00 PM ET


Susan Lipp
Editor in Chief
Trusts & Estates
Dawn S. Markowitz
Legal Editor
Trusts & Etates
Anna Sulkin
Associate Legal Editor
Trusts & Estates
David H. Lenok
Sr. Wealth Planning Editor

Have you been bitten by the writing bug? Put your talents and estate planning knowledge to good use by writing for theTrusts & Estates print journal or website ( Originally presented as a Breakfast Seminar at the 2018 Heckerling conference, we received such great feedback that we are now offering this program as a webinar exclusively for our Trusts & Estates subscribers.

If you’re a Trusts & Estates subscriber, check out this webinar to learn about the steps you need to take to get your articles published.

This webinar will cover topics such as:

• Preparing and submitting an article proposal
• Understanding the Trusts & Estates editorial process
• Best practices when writing for a legal journal or newsletter
• Mining the public relations benefits

Not able to attend? Register anyway! Archived versions of Trusts & Estates webinars are available to watch On Demand shortly after broadcast. You will receive an email with login instructions as soon as the replay is available.