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401(k) Real Talk Episode 101: April 10, 2024

Open, honest and candid discussion about March Job growth, advisor conflicts of interest, whether the 401(k) era is over and more.


Welcome to this week’s edition of 401(k) Real Talk, where Fred Barstein, contributing editor for’s RPA channel, reviews all of last week’s industry news and selects the five most important/interesting stories.

  1. March job grow soars beating expectation.
  2. The spotlight is on conflicts of interest by fee based advisors.
    1. WSJ column  
    2. Commonwealth fined by SEC
  3. Innovative product announcements.
    1. New lifetime income TDF
    2. PensionPlus and IRALogix partner
    3. Human Interest Continues to Pioneer New 401(k) Services for ( 
    4. NewRetirement raises $20 million
  4. Labor economist claims 401(k) Era is over.
  5. 401(k) Industry Needs to Spend more Time Innovating.


Worth reading:

  1. Wealthy clients prefer advisors in big firms.
  2. HSA assets hit new highs.
  3. Record quarter and week for advisor M&A.
  4. Minnesota plan sponsor sues advisor.
  5. Can ChatGPT replace your ERISA counsel?.
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