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A Different Kind of Retirement

Settle in for a long, deep sleep.


We asked several industry leaders to speculate on what the wealth management industry will look like in the year 2037. This piece of speculative fiction is from Ron Piccinini, co-founder and CEO of Prairie Smarts.


The year is 2037. Quaid and Lori sit down for breakfast.

“The People’s Reserve leaves the asset rate of return unchanged to 0.0125 percent,” blasts

the RoboAssistant.

“Lori…,” says Quaid.

“Yeah, sweetheart?” replies Lori.

“Let’s do it.”

“Do what?”


“OMG!” said Lori. “I can’t believe we can afford it already! CAMIRON, here we come!”

Here in the year 2037, retirement is different. Society had struggled for decades to cope with the challenges of an aging population that did not save enough for retirement, coupled with decreasing asset returns and an ever-increasing life expectancy. The failure to manage the risk of a poor quality of life in retirement led to the creation of CAMIRON Life. Their flagship product, Thanat-OS, is a retirement solution rich in experiences and excitement that can be delivered at a low and predictable cost. It combines the Internet of People (IOP: the latest in virtual cognitive technology), with best-of-breed neuroscience and nutrition algorithms. From a physical point of view, CAMIRON Life consists only in lying down in a solar-powered Musk-Locker. But the Locker then connects the retiree’s brain and bloodstream to the operating system, which manages the nutrition, the virtual reality, and delivers the revolutionary bliss drug SOMA.

From a sensorial point of view, it’s impossible to tell the difference between the ‘real thing’ and the virtual experience. The program is purely voluntary and benefits from large economies of scale, so it is affordable to just about anybody with 25 bitcoins in savings. Happy retirement.

“Hey, Robo! Contact Neo at CAMIRON Life,” orders Quaid. “Good morning, you two,” chirps Neo, almost instantaneously. “Made the decision?”

“We’re ready,” replies Lori.

“Right on. I’ll submit your application to the Department of Life immediately. Please e-sign here to indicate that you have read the disclosures….”

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