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Retirement Income Planning
Current Trends In Executive Compensation

Current Trends In Executive Compensation

An expert discussion of trends in nonqualified executive compensation programs.

Sponsored by The American College of Financial Services

The financial services profession offers many opportunities for advisors to help add value for their clients. When working with companies, establishing executive compensation programs that help companies attract and retain talented executives is one such area. This need takes a high priority today as the United States is very close to full employment.

In a two-part video interview, two retirement income experts, Jamie Hopkins and Steve Parrish, discuss trends in nonqualified executive compensation programs.

The first video provides an overview of the types of programs commonly used today. The second video is a deeper dive into split-dollar life insurance programs. As cash value life insurance is an efficient funding vehicle for many of these programs, the executive compensation market can offer a lot of opportunities for the financial advisor focusing on business insurance planning.

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