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Baird Advisors Can Add Health Planning to Their List of Services

Baird partners with Bernard Health to provide advisors access to healthcare planning.

Baird’s 900 financial advisors will soon be able to offer health planning services to their clients through a new partnership with Bernard Health, a Nashville-based health insurance advisory.  

The offering could help Baird advisors boost the value of their services, as investment management continues to become commoditized and advisor fees compressed due to robo advisors and large players like Vanguard and Schwab. It will also help clients navigate the complexities of the healthcare system. Health care, to be sure, is increasingly eating into retirement savings.

“Based on the strength of a local pilot in Nashville with The Liles Group, we have decided to offer this service to clients nationwide through our national network of advisors,” said Brian Ellenbecker, senior vice president and senior financial planner at Baird, in a statement. “We are excited to provide expert advice to our clients in an area that is still outside the scope of most financial advising practices.”

The deal represents Bernard Health’s first corporate-level partnership. Baird advisors will have access to Bernard Health’s licensed, non-commissioned healthcare advisors, which help clients compare and enroll in medical coverage, drug coverage, Social Security, and dental and vision coverage. Bernard’s advisors also provide doctor recommendations, bill auditing and help with Health Savings Accounts.

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