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The 10 Most and 10 Least Affordable States for Retirees

We hope you like Appalachia and the Gulf of Mexico.

Where a client chooses to retire will drastically impact their quality of life and help stretch (or hinder) their retirement savings.

So, while many may dream of living by the ocean when it comes time to retire, according to a recent study by job search site Zippia, The Most Affordable States To Retire, they should give the Gulf of Mexico a second look if they want to get the most bang for their retirement buck.

The study used data from the ACS Census and The Kaiser Organization to rank states based on a combination of median housing costs, monthly home ownership expenses and the overall cost of health care.

These 20 states are the cheapest and the most expensive, respectively, for retirees in the nation. (Keep in mind this data is statewide, so costs may vary based on cities.)

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