Note From The Editor August 2013

Note From The Editor August 2013


We know it can be confusing when you go to the website if you’re a Trusts & Estates subscriber. You may not immediately see the recent articles that appeared in T&E. From the feedback we’ve received, you want a place on the website that’s focused solely on material from T&E. We worked with our digital team to develop an easier way for you to get to the content you need: We’ve created a new T&E url, You can now go directly to this for T&E articles—these include articles that have appeared in the print magazine and our Wealth Watch e-newsletters. If you also want access to articles from our sister publication, REP., is still up and running to meet your needs.  

As we’ve learned, it’s good to keep pace with the times and try out new ideas, but it’s also important to value what we’ve learned from the past. Our Committee Report on High-Net-Worth Families & Family Offices also reflects this lesson. Although it’s important to keep up with changes in the role of family offices, given business transitions and the needs of the next generation, it’s still important for family businesses to learn from the past. Patricia M. Soldano’s “Lessons Learned After 25 Years of Family Office Management,” p. 35, exemplifies how the core lessons we’ve learned can help us in the future. “Facilitating New Conversations in the Next Decade,” p. 28, by Sara Hamilton, reviews how best to help family office clients with the transitions they face, through initiating a dialogue about major family office decisions. “Shared Family Office,” by Marianne W. Young and Beth A. Landin, suggests a new structure that’s based on the key value of collaboration. “Investment Management Best Practices for Family Offices,” p. 42, by Stephen Campbell and David Bailin, underscores the importance of asset allocation and portfolio construction. And finally, “FAQs for #NextGenDonors,” p. 32, by Danielle Oristian York and Sharna Goldseker, helps us understand what’s on the minds of the next generation. 

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