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Note From The Editor August 2012



As you probably know, we launched our new website,, about two months ago. I hope you’ve had time to play around with it and check out some of its unique features. For example, take a look at our easy way to find estate-planning related services in your area—from accounting to
trusts/fiduciaries. You access this feature by clicking on the “Resources & Community” tab at the top of the screen and then choosing “Resource Network” from the drop down menu. You can search by key word, location or category to easily find the resource you need. You’re also able to become a member yourself and establish a profile. Want to keep on top of recent industry news? Make sure to click on the “News” tab at the top of the screen. This will bring you to a page with the latest original articles in various categories—including recent legal and tax developments. And if you’re like most of us and interested in what the industry experts are talking about, be sure to take a look at their blogs and commentaries by clicking on the “Opinions” tab at the top of the screen. 

Moving on to this month’s magazine, our Committee Report highlights issues facing High-Net-Worth Families and Family Offices. In “Understanding the Trust,” p. 47, Sara Hamilton, Mariann Mihailidis and Teresa Bellock explain the steps to take to make sure that grantors, trustees and beneficiaries are all aware of their own and each other’s rights and responsibilities. David S. Ascher and Patricia M. Soldano warn us about the risk to our client’s online reputation in “The Next Frontier in Internet Security,” p. 40. And, in “Investment Real Estate,” p. 50, Paul L. Comstock discusses the ways in which real estate should be a primary investment for family offices.

Last but not least, one of our editorial advisory board members, Marcia Chadwick Holt, has stepped down. We wish her the best and thank her for all the excellent and helpful articles she wrote for our journal. 

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