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Registered Rep.’s Sales Assistant Survey

2009 Sales Assistant Survey: Picture of a Sales Assistant (SA)
Registered Rep.'s October 2009 Sales Assistant Survey data in charts and tables

Sale assistants pay drop, decrease | Tough Times, Tougher Pay
Given market conditions in 2008 and early 2009, the majority of sales assistants either expect their pay and bonus to stay put or to drop this year; some do not expect to receive any bonus at all. For most sales assistants, bonuses are awarded either at the discretion of their FAs or are tied to the FAs' production. What's Your Bonus Based On? Respondents Percentage FA's production 74 43.3% Achievement

2008 Registered Rep.'s Annual Sales Assistant Survey
Okay, maybe that is unkind. How about compliance helpers or specialists?

2007 Sales assistants' responsibilities and pay increasing
After speaking with scores and scores of licensed sales assistants, and the advisors they support in the wirehouse, independent and RIA channels, Registered Rep. has a pretty good idea of what would happen to advisors if their sales assistants unexpectedly failed to show up for work one day: THEY WOULD PROBABLY GO MAD. For starters, that lunch the advisor had scheduled with a wealthy prospect would

Registered Rep.’s 2006 Sales Assistant Survey: Seek Professional Help
It was a cold winter evening in December 2003 when Joe Sheehan first laid eyes on Eric Kittner. Kittner, then 25, had been an auditor at Arthur Andersen, the accounting firm that was destroyed in the Enron collapse. Kittner was working at a local CPA firm in St. Louis, but was looking for something more interesting. The thought of another tax season made him cringe.

Registered Rep.’s 2005 Sales Assistant Survey: Your Underpaid Caddy
When it comes to lavishing praise on their sales assistants, reps are generous. They'll often tell you that they couldn't possibly get through the day — and continue to bring in new assets — without the services of an organized, competent and personable professional to deal with clients, execute orders and handle the avalanche of paperwork that goes with the retail investment business.

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