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Advisor marketing material

Part 1: Marketing Material that Works for Advisors

When it comes to marketing material and content from asset managers, advisors appear to want direct, concise information.

On a scale of 1 to 10, where 10 is most valuable, advisors rate the value of fact sheets the highest (average of 7.6), with value-added practice support (7.3) and thought leadership pieces (7.2) rounding out the top three. By comparison, advisors rate company profiles (6.0) and product pitch books (6.1) as less valuable marketing materials.

This pattern of valuing practical information with a direct impact on advisors’ practices carries over to the types of content that pique an advisor’s interest. Economic and market insights are of greatest interest to two-thirds of advisors, with business-building techniques and retirement income distribution receiving an equal level of interest.

Most topics were of relatively equal interest among different advisor groups, with the notable exception of retirement income distribution. Advisors from independent firms (which includes RIA, broker/dealers and dual/hybrid firms) were far more interested in this topic than were their peers at larger firms (wirehouses/national firms and large regional firms). This finding underscores the potential benefits of segmenting a marketing campaign by audience.

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