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Advisors on Their 2014 Economic Forecasts

Financial advisors polled in the latest Advisor Confidence Index say their overall optimism in the economy and markets has dropped 2.24 percent to 112.9 over the past month. Their outlook has particularly dimmed when predicting where the economy is headed over the next 12 months. Advisors say they are concerned over the federal government’s inability to come to grips with the debt ceiling when they take up the debate in February.

Yet, every advisor has their own opinion on where the economy is headed next year, and it's not all doom and gloom. Some still believe in the strength of the U.S. dollar, while others expect the stock market rally to continue. Here are some top advisors' forecasts for 2014.

The Advisor Confidence Index is a monthly benchmark of financial advisors’ confidence in the economy and markets. A reading below 100 indicates pessimism, over 100 indicates optimism. To see the full results of this month's ACI, click here

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