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Executive Director, Content & User Engagement
David Bodamer
[email protected]

Executive Editor
Elaine Misonzhnik
[email protected]

Advertising and Sales

Business Development Manager
Marianne Rivera
[email protected]

Account Manager/Central and West
Christina Girardi
[email protected]

Subscriptions and Reprints

[email protected]
US Toll Free: (866) 505-7173
International: (847) 763-9504

Article Reprints
Wright's Media
[email protected]
Domestic: 877-652-5295
International: 00-1-281-419-5725 

Commercial Real Estate Group

Vice President & Market Leader
William O'Conor
[email protected]

Group Marketing Director
Jay McSherry
[email protected]

Digital Director | Financial Services
David Barry
[email protected]

For information regarding list rental and marketing campaigns, please reach out to:

[email protected]