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Top Women-Owned RIAs in 2012

Top Women-Owned RIAs in 2012

The wealth management industry can’t get enough of women. Advisors are bombarded by countless initiatives, webinars, whitepapers, conference break-out sessions, symposiums and presentations, all focusing on the female side of the wealth management equation both in terms of clients and advisors.  
According to recent data from Cerulli Associates, females account for only 7.9 percent of all advisors in 2012. The ranks are a bit higher in the RIA channel with 11.6%.
In that sense, the women on this list are trailblazers. In putting it together, we required that they directly own at least 25 percent of their firm, and that their firm has no more than 50% institutional clients and have some individuals for whom they do financial planning. Also, none operate a broker/dealer or are affiliated with a bank or investment company.




#1 Christine Arnerich Arnerich Massena Inc.
#2 M. Julie McKinley Fiduciary Counselling Inc.
#3 Anne Shumadine Signature
#4 Katherine Lintz Financial Management Partners
#5 Ana Galutera Galileo Planning Group Inc.
#6 Jeanie Wyatt South Texas Money Management Ltd.
#7 Peggy Miller Ruhlin Budros, Ruhlin & Roe Inc.
#8 Jana Lee Shoulders Adams Hall Wealth Advisors
#9 Katherine Willis Palladium Registered Investment Advisors
#10 Barbara Raasch RCL Advisors
#11 Faith Read Xenos Singer Xenos Wealth Management
#12 Bonnie Grisz Paratus Financial Inc.
#13 Teresa Eriksson Eton Advisors
#14 Nancy Foster Guyasuta Investment Advisors Inc.
#15 Michelle Higgins California Financial Advisors
#16 Kalita Blessing Quest Capital Management Inc.
#17 Mary Durie Quest Capital Management Inc.
#18 Renee Kwok TFC Financial Management Inc.
#19 Lynne Renee Kinney CKW Financial Group
#20 Myrna Rivera Consultiva Internacional Inc.
#21 Victoria Martha Trumbower Trumbower Financial Advisors
#22 Cheryl Renee Holland Abacus Planning Group Inc.
#23 Elaine Ethel Kops-Bedel Bedel Financial Consulting Inc.
#24 Susan Breakefield Fulton FBB Capital Partners

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REP.’s Top Women RIAs list was assembled using data from Meridian-IQ (in which Penton Media has a stake). Advisors are ranked by their firm’s total assets under management. To land on the list, women advisors were required to directly own at least 25 percent of the firm; they had to have at least some individual clients for whom they do financial planning, and no more than 50 percent institutional clients. Finally, none of the RIAs on our list operates a broker/dealer, a bank, or is affiliated with an investment company.


Click here to view more on the Top Women RIAs and download the list.

Updated August 27, 2013: A previous version of this article misstated Cooper Financial's assets under management. We regret the error and have updated the list. 

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