Five LinkedIn Tips on Taking Online Connections Offline

Our recent social media research Social Media & Financial Advisors: Early Adopters vs. Casual Users has informed us that most advisors are casual users (92%) who really don’t quite understand how to use the tool to drive business benefit.  For these advisors, transitioning their social media strategy, if it really is a strategy, from online to offline is one of their biggest challenges.  Many advisors have learned how to build a network of clients, prospects, and centers-of-influence, but they have trouble turning this digital network into new business. 

Early adopters have mastered this process.  How?  By a combination of online finesse that create opportunities for thoughtful offline (telephone) conversations, which lead to getting face-to-face.  It requires you to engage your clients and centers-of-influence in open conversations about how they’re using social media.

Read the full article here.

TAGS: Prospecting
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