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Outstanding Advisor Dan Pinkerton

Outstanding Advisor Dan Pinkerton

Character builder.

You would think Dan Pinkerton would have very little free time. He is, after all, the father of nine children — all under the age of 20. But Pinkerton is still active in the Idaho Character Foundation, an organization he and his wife, Kathryn, helped establish in 1996; the Idaho Character Foundation funds and “encourages character training through government leaders, business leaders, juvenile justice, police, faith community, school districts, and families,” Pinkerton says.

The outreach arm of the foundation is called the Idaho Character Council, which he also helped organize. He currently serves as its director. The council works with government leaders, business leaders, juvenile justice, police, faith community, school districts, and families and implements the character training, and has sponsored and organized 51 community-wide character training events, he says.

Believe it or not, his small town in Idaho has a crime problem. “Our major problem in our community is that our jails are double their capacity and the recidivism rate is over 80 percent,” Pinkerton says. To help , the ICC began to create additional “mentoring homes where the poorest of the poor, abused, neglected, addicted and jailed learn a new life,” Pinkerton says.

The ICC also teamed up with the state's leaders in what Pinkerton calls mentoring homes, Good Samaritan Women's Ranch and the Men's Ranch. Together, they have “successfully, consistently” reduced Idaho's recidivism rate to only 17 percent, he says. “I meet with the Good Samaritan women and men?individually, teach them anger resolution, a 10-week course, my family works with them, and we have them regularly?in our home,” Pinkerton says.

All three of his firm's FAs are CFPs and act as fiduciaries. In 2006, Pinkerton says he and his team started getting bearish and have adopted a market-timing strategy to help his core client focus — retirees and the soon-to-be retired — protect and grow their assets. In addition to his work with the ICC, his firm donates 10 percent of the corporate profits to help fund various philanthropic endeavors.

Firm: Pinkerton Retirement Specialists/ LPL

City: Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

Age: 45

Years as a rep: 23

Years with current firm: 23

AUM: $271 million

Specialty: comprehensive wealth management for retirees and those able to retire; tactical, strategic, and dynamic asset allocation strategies, versus static buy and hold strategies.

Designations, licenses: CFP, Registered Financial Consultant; member of LPL's Executive Council, Series 65,63,7,6,24,31, and insurance.

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