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Gallery: Six Affluent Prospect Profiles You Must Know

St. Louis:  “I know some advisors swear that their only marketing activity is socializing in affluent circles; whether it’s hosting client events or attending events of others,” Jim declared with a slight whine before asking, “but when I’ve hosted client events I’ve never had any luck in being able to follow-up, what’s the secret?”

After a brief discussion, it appeared that Jim was following a formula for hosting intimate events.  He was selecting a venue that would be of interest to select a segment of his affluent clients, it was all social – fun was the theme – and he was asking each client to bring a guest who he’d sourced.   Unaware of the must-know 6 Affluent Prospect Profiles, he wasn’t following-up properly and thereby not getting the results he should.  Whether you’re hosting intimate events or attending social events of others, recognizing the profile of affluent prospects you meet is one of those must-knows.  It will help maximize your affluent prospecting.

There are many types of follow-ups that could occur, depending on your interaction with an affluent prospect and their profile.  In social circles, prospects typically fall into one of six categories.


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