Cold Call: Jason Wenk

Cold Call: Jason Wenk

President, Retirement Wealth Advisors, Inc., an RIA in Jenison, MI.

Registered Rep.: How did you increase your revenue by 20 percent last year when the market was falling apart?

Jason Wenk: I added 20 percent more AUM than I lost; but I did lose some — it was a tough year.

RR: Your most memorable moment in New York as a trainee (and the youngest employee) at Morgan Stanley back in 2000??

JW: Eating NYC pizza every single day for lunch and dinner and not gaining a pound. Remember, I was under 21 — so this is G rated.

RR: One huge mistake you see a lot of other young advisors making?

JW: Listening to ‘veterans' who tell them what cannot be done.

RR: One piece of technology you find invaluable to your practice?

JW: Hands down my iPhone — couldn't imagine life/business without it.

RR: If you could talk to any economist dead or alive, who would it be and what would you ask?

JW: Carl Menger. How much longer do I have before I should get really concerned about US monetary policy?

RR: One word or phrase you think financial advisors overuse?

JW: Relative Performance.

RR: The funniest thing a client ever said to you?

JW: I'd like to make 20 percent a year without losing money. He wasn't joking though.

RR: What was the last concert/play/event you attended?

JW: Beck with Dashboard Confessional.

RR: What is the last book you read that you really loved?

JW: Four Hour Work Week — cheesy but good. I read it over and over.

RR: Have you made any major changes to your asset allocation or portfolio construction strategies in the wake of the recent market meltdown?

JW: I like to believe we've been successful because of them, so no. We've always been very tactical and 100 percent quantitative.

RR: One key thing that you feel is responsible for your success?

JW: I just do what I do; God has been overly gracious.

RR: If you were not in financial services, what would be your alternative dream job?

JW: A blogging vagabond — which I may do down the road anyway. That's not really a job though, is it?

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